When the time has come for a smog check, we understand your urgency and respect your time; our goal is to provide customers with a fast, accurate, and convenient experience. Fifteen minutes is all it takes, we provide precise testing with the highest level of developed technology. We're also licensed to perform repairs, listed as a test & repair facility. Furthermore, we'll transfer your smog certificate electronically to the Department of Motor Vehicles, saving you time for better things to do. That's right, we're a one-stop shop. Come check us out in San Mateo for your next smog testing requirements and we'll make it quick!

We are recognized by the state of California as a STAR Certified Smog Station with a license to inspect and certify most vehicles. Our shop is operated by knowledgable technicians that have a commitment to quality with over 10 years of experience and recognized by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

Sorry for the inconvenience but we will be closed on December 25, 2012.


Vehicle Identification, Emissions Measurement Test, Visual Inspection, Emission Control Functional Tests, Smog Check Inspection Results.

General Information

The purpose of California’s Smog Check Program is to reduce smog and minimize air pollution created by automobiles. An assessment is required for all gas-powered vehicles that were built from 1976 to seven years from the present. In addition, the process of changing ownership for vehicles that are five years-old or more also requires a test. Motorcycle, Two-cylinder, electric-powered, and off-highway vehicles are exempt. For more information, visit the Bureau of Automotive Repair.